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The Content and Context of Screen Use Is More Important Than the Amount of Screen Time

January 31, 2017

Mark Griffiths reflects on the realities, implications and consequences of “screen time” in the context of gaming. He argues that it is not about the amount of screen use, but rather about its content and context. His piece follows a special workshop¹ convened by the Media Policy Project and Parenting for a Digital Future on ‘Families and “screen-time”: challenges of media self-regulation’ and the publication of a new policy brief about families and “screen time”, authored by Alic Read More...

School Census Changes Add Concerns to the Richest Education Database in the World

January 27, 2017

Jen Persson  discusses the background and implications of the Department for Education’s policy and practice on collecting and sharing the personal data of 20 million children in the National Pupil Database. There has been no public or parliamentary consultation on recently proposed changes to collect pupils’ country of birth and other personal data, and this raises significant questions of trust and privacy invasion. Jen is coordinator of defenddigitalme, which campaigns for children’s privacy Read More...

Researching The Class: A multi-sited ethnographic exploration

August 23, 2016

School How can researchers study children’s digital and social lives? Our study of The class began at school, an institution that plays a defining role in young people’s lives. We soon realised that how they made sense of their classroom experiences and school life was largely unaffected by the fierce discursive struggle going on above their heads among governments, pedagogues, technologists and pundits seeking to redefine the purposes and practices of education in the digital, networked age. But schoo Read More...

The Class: living and learning in the digital age

August 23, 2016

What goes on at school, in today’s classroom or in the lunch break? What do kids get up to on the way home from school? Is everyone staring at a screen all day, whether at the front of the class or under the desk? For parents, children’s experiences at school are often unknown, hidden behind the stock answer “nothing much”, when asked: “what happened at school today?” Image credit: V. Donoso In my contributions to this blog, I have often drawn on insights, findings and arguments of The Cla Read More...

Why do educators advocate for digital media and learning, and whose interests are served?

July 26, 2016

Parents turn to educators for advice on how they should integrate digital media into their children’s learning. Yet educators are not in agreement about what digital media can offer to children and young people’s learning. Summarising the key findings from an article written with Alicia Blum-Ross, published this week in a special issue of the Journal of Digital and Media Literacy, Sonia Livingstone examines how educators’ hopes for digital media have, over time, moved from ‘voice’ to ‘entreprene Read More...

Do You Ever Grow Out Of Digital Parenting?

June 15, 2016

Lelia Green takes a closer look at how parents’ attitudes to children’s digital media use change as they move towards adulthood. Lelia is Professor of Communications in the School of Arts and Humanities, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia. Her current research investigates the different influences of parents and peers on young people’s internet use.  Leslie Haddon’s and my recent research with parents of four 17-year-old male online gamers indicates that the high level of skills and com Read More...

Beyond Digital Immigrants? Rethinking The Role Of Parents In A Digital Age

June 10, 2016

Do parents find the new digital age a frightening place to be? Sonia Livingstone considers recent media stories and what might really be going on in family’s homes. Sonia is Professor of Social Psychology at LSE’s Department of Media and Communications and has more than 25 years of experience in media research with a particular focus on children and young people. She directs the EU Kids Online project and is the lead investigator of the Parenting for a Digital Future research project.  Is anxi Read More...

Book Review: Parenting Out Of Control

June 8, 2016

Charlotte Faircloth discusses Margeret Nelson’s book Parenting out of control and discusses how class affects parents’ use of technology. Charlotte is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Roehampton, London, UK. She is also a Visiting Scholar and founding member of the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies (CPCS) at the University of Kent.  At a recent CPCS forum at the University of Kent, the book Parenting out of control by Margaret Nelson was discussed. This Read More...

#Parentfails and Triumphs – Favorite Podcasts and Learning from Others

May 20, 2016

Alicia Blum-Ross tells us how she, as a researcher and mum, keeps up with debates on parenting and technology. She listens to podcasts on her daily commute and she shares some of her favourite ones. Alicia is a researcher at the LSE’s Department of Media and Communications. She is interested in youth media production and is part of the Parenting for a Digital Future research project.  One of the things we wanted to illustrate through this blog is that there is no single ‘right way’ to pare Read More...

Hello From the Other Side of Music Video Regulation

May 18, 2016

If we were rating music videos from the 80s, would Boy George’s be considered too subversive? The scantily clad women on Addicted to Love not for our children’s eyes? Or should common sense prevail? Rafal Zaborowski is an LSE Fellow in the Department of Media and Communications. He is interested in music reception and social practices of listening, the co-evolution of media audiences and media institutions as well as in critical, qualitative methods of academic inquiry. He tweets via @myredtowel.  P Read More...


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