Ashley is a Ph.D. candidate in Literacy Studies and Teacher Education at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is currently working with Bill Penuel and his CLRN research team at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has recently assisted in the instruction of the Educational Psychology for Elementary Schools: Learning in Robust Ecologies course, led by Professor Kris Gutierrez and Lisa Schwartz as well as the Educational Psychology and Adolescent Development course with Ben Kirshner and Bill Penuel. Prior to coming to CU Boulder, she was an English teacher at the secondary level. Her areas of interest include affect theory, critical and expanded literacies, teacher education, educational equity, access & diversity, and young adult & children’s literature. Her current research focuses on teacher education, writing in the elementary grades, and pedagogies of critical witness, affect and emotion in relation to knowledge, power and literacies. She was the recipient of the Elizabeth Wilson award from the CU Boulder School of Education in 2013.

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