Rebecca Beucher started her career as a secondary English Language Arts teacher in East Los Angeles. The experience of being an ethnic and language minority challenged her to consider the difficulties of existing with minority status in larger spaces. In her doctoral program at CU Boulder, Rebecca has become interested in understanding how digital technology mediates emerging bilingual student’s academic experiences in the English Language Arts classroom. She is concerned with how dominant language policy encourages students to assume negative stances towards non-Anglo practices. In her dissertation work, she will explore how inviting dynamic, digitally based language and literacy practices through digital storytelling might facilitate shifts in youth’s positioning towards their multilingual and multicultural identities. Rebecca is co board member for the CU Boulder student group, Racial Initiatives for Students and Educators (RISE), has worked as an instructor for CU Boulder, and worked on the MacArthur grant with Dr. William Penuel during 2011-2012, and as an ELA Teacher Coach in Denver Public Schools on Dr. Janette Klingner’s CSR (Collaborative Strategic Reading) grant. When she is not at her computer, or working in schools, she likes to rock climb, backpack, yoga, snuggle with her cats, and explore this beautiful country and world with her partner Danielle.

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