A Guide to Connected Learning Sessions At DML2013

March 8, 2013

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Compiled by Courtney Santos and Amanda Wortman

The 2013 Digital Media and Learning Conference (DML2013) at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers in Chicago, IL on March 14-16, 2013 offers many opportunities to connect with researchers, including members of the Connected Learning Research Network, and to make inquiries into the role of connected learning in educational practice, policy-making, participatory democracy and youth civic engagement. This year’s theme is “Democratic Futures: Mobilizing Voices and Remixing Youth Participation.” The DML conference is organized annually by the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub and is focused on fostering participatory dialogue, theory, policy and practice in the DML field.

If you’d like to learn more about the research performed by members of the Connected Learning Research Network (CLRN) and DML Research Hub affiliates, like the Youth and Participatory Politics Research Network (YPP), the below list of presentations, workshops and roundtable discussions at DML2013 may interest you. The full conference schedule contains many more opportunities to connect with researchers, practitioners, activists, and policy-makers and to discuss related topics in the digital media and learning field.

Thursday, March 14


• Opening Keynote, “How do we teach digital civics?” — Ethan Zuckerman (YPP)


• Whose Change Is It Anyway? Click, Meme, Hack, Change: Civic Media Theory and PracticeErhardt Graeff, Ethan Zuckerman, etc (YPP)

• Digital Media and Learning: Diving Deep into the Digital Youth Network’s Learning Model —  Craig Watkins (CLRN, The Digital Edge), Nichole Pinkard (Digital Youth Network), etc.


• Digital Media & Learning Competition: BadgesDavid Theo Goldberg (DML Research Hub at UCHRI) and Cathy Davidson (HASTAC)

• Whose Change Is It Anyway? Engineering Change: When Digital Remakes Everything and Nothing at AllElisabeth Soep (YPP)

4PM Ignites

• Connie Yowell and Mark Surman, Making as Learning: How MacArthur and Mozilla are weaving connected learning and web literacy into shared strategy to transform how we learn, create and work in the digital world (Connie is Director of Education for the John D. and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Initiative)

• Andres Lombana-Bermudez, From Theory to Practice: Designing and Implementing a Connected Learning Experience (The Digital Edge researcher)

• Justin Reich, Connected Learning and the Unclear Road to Equity (Berkman Center for Internet and Society)

Friday, March 15


• Feature Session: Envisioning 21st Century Civic EducationEllen Middaugh (YPP)

• Whose Change Is It Anyway? Short Talk Panel: Fun and Games: Culture, Politics and New Forms of Citizen ActionSangita Shrestova (YPP)


• Plenary: Remixing Citizenship, Remaking Democracy — Craig Watkins (CLRN, The Digital Edge)


• Digital Media and Learning: Short Talk Panel: Games, Learning and the Future of AssessmentKatie Salen (CLRN, Leveling Up)


• Digital Media and Learning: Syncretic Approaches to Learning: Leveraging New Media and Youths’ Repertoires of PracticeKris Gutierrez, Bill Penuel, Lisa Schwartz (CLRN, Leveraging Horizontal Expertise and Longitudinal Survey)

• Youth Media and Youth Movements: Youth Aren’t Waiting Till 2016: Participatory Politics in the Digital AgeJoseph Kahne, Cathy Cohen (YPP)

• Digital Media and Learning: Beyond the Classroom: Learning in Online CommunitiesMatt Rafalow, Crystle Martin, Christo Sims (CLRN, Leveling Up)

Saturday, March 16


• Plenary: Youth, Pop Culture, and Participatory Politics — Craig Watkins (CLRN, The Digital Edge), Henry Jenkins (YPP)


DML Cafe I

• #FAIL: What can we learn from unsuccessful after-school digital media club experiences? — Jacqueline Vickery (CLRN, The Digital Edge)

• Mapping Tech and Learning: Visualizing Young Peoples’ Learning Ecologies — Alex Cho, Andres Lombana Bermudez (CLRN, The Digital Edge), Adam York (CLRN, Longitudinal Study)

• Connected Learning Research Network: How does digital media influence learning through self-regulation within the current socioeconomic climate? — Adar Ben-Eliyahu (CLRN, The Affinity Project), Emilie Dubois, Luka Carfagna (CLRN, Connected Consumption)

• Connected Learning: An Agenda for Research and DesignMimi Ito (CLRN, Leveling Up), Kris Gutierrez (CLRN, Leveraging Horizontal Expertise), Bill Penuel (CLRN, Longitudinal Study)

• Envisioning 21st Century Education: Connected Learning for Civic Education: How Facing History and Ourselves Reaches Teachers, Students, and the Public at Events, in Libraries, in Classrooms, and Online — Justin Reich (Berkman Center for Internet and Society)

• Envisioning 21st Century Education: The Civic Me: Blended, Fragmented, Unconscious Civic Identity Expression in Online SpacesEmily Weinstein, Margaret Rundle, Liana Gamber-Thompson, Neta Kliger-Vilenchik, Chris Evans (YPP)



• Veterans History Project Student Edition — Travis Bickford (CLRN, Affinity Project)

From Super-8 to HD:  Dynamic Approaches to conceptualizing, measuring, and, and showcasing student learning trajectories and capabilities with digital media — Ugochi Acholonu (CLRN, Leveling Up), Antero Garcia, etc.

4PM Ignites

• Emilie Dubois, Canning the Revolution: Hipsters and their Hacks (CLRN, Connected Consumption)

• Ksenia A. Korobkova, The Practice of Sociological Imagination in Online Fanfiction (CLRN, Leveling Up)

• Timothy Young, Teach Me Stuff: Connecting Passionate Coaches with Eager Students (CLRN, Leveling Up)


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